Vehicle Purchase Agreement, What are you signing at the dealership?

It is definitely very important to know what you are actually signing at the dealership when you purchase a vehicle. Each contract depends on many factors, such as car price, down payment, transfer tax fees, additional products you purchase, terms of agreements, credit, etc. As you can see, it is not always an easy task to understand every factor used to calculate the payment, that’s why here at Jorge Auto Broker we assist our customers through every step of the purchase, especially during this part of the process.

1. Financing lease contract: The financing lease contract it’s part of a car dealer paperwork mostly signed to take financial responsibility of the vehicle on the agreed terms. These “agreed terms” can vary depending on different money factors and on what you actually agree to pay.

Usually, before you go into the financing office you will agree to one price and the finance person is responsible for explaining the document and all the products that are available to protect your investment with no tricks. In case you add other products at the moment of signing the final contract remember that this price will be added to the payment you are committing to.

2.  Power of attorney: Besides the contract, you will be signing a power of attorney to authorize the dealer to use a third-party tag agency to handle all the necessary paperwork to register the vehicle.

3. Arbitration agreement: Most dealers will also have you signed an arbitration agreement in case you need to give them an opportunity to resolve any legal issue that wasn’t disclosed at the moment of the purchase.

4. Export Policy: Finally and depending on the brand the dealers will have you signed an export policy to protect themselves from additional charges and to prevent the consumer from exporting the vehicle before the allowed time frame. This usually happens with models that are very desirable in other countries.

How does Jorge Auto Broker simplify your car buying process?

When we say we are with you in every step, we are telling you the truth! Once you are signing with the finance person he may offer you lower rates or different terms to sell you new products… but don’t worry! Our staff will be with you the entire process to answer any questions you may have.

We make sure you are getting the best deal before you go ahead and sign the final contract!

More questions? Looking for the best deal? Contact us ( or give us a call 954-415-65-30 and we will be more than happy to help you.
Enjoy your ride!

Jorge Rey

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